Are you Somali? If not, what is your mix?

I’m not I’m Eritrean

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Nothing scars you more than the negative shit your own parents tell you.




"if you like someone, just tell them!"

is the worst piece of shit advice you can give to anyone


my shirt is cute


Hollywood is the publicity stunt of publicity stunts.
When you genuinely think about it, why do we fight to become the greatest?
Who chooses who the best is? Which secretive person behind all of this determines the power of being verified?
So what if you’re verified on twitter? What does that even mean? That you’re so much more important and significant then everyone else that you need a blue check mark verifying that you are you?
How about the Grammys? Do you even know who chooses who these Grammys go too? Why does it matter if a panel of voters think my music is great? Maybe if the artists that got chosen weren’t either random as hell or completely mainstream, I’d understand. But what is a Grammy? What are the Grammys? Why does it matter?
Things have as much power as you give it? The Grammys is just a celebration for being famous.

Hollywood is a big fat lie
It spends all it’s time trying to keep this huge secret.
A secret that celebrities have a silent agreement about never letting other then those who experience it hear.
Some have tried to show it, either it be by t.v. special, or book, but never have they blatantly ever came out and said it. Never have they ever admitted to it. You must read between the lines to figure it out. Because if they don’t have the false sugar coated idea of celebrity, then they would have nothing. If they didn’t convince us how great it was, hoping we’d try to achieve the goal of celebrity so we would be lonely too, what would they have? If we all knew the secret, then what would we have?
What’s this secret you might ask? Read between the lines and find out.

rainy summer morning



okay this looks like literally the most perfect thing I could ever ever do omg my heart I want itttt ahhhh cant handle it rain + road trips + coffee it’s too much, too much i say




4:30am dawn patrol